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Available Now!! Encountering God
In this series of messages Pastor Chris teaches on the importance of having genuine encounters with the living God that leave us transformed. 
Taken from various stories of the Bible, Pastor Chris through these stories teaches us what God wants us to learn about the importance of faith. 
Available Now!! Heroes of Faith
You will be inspired as you hear the powerful true stories of how God used men and women after His heart to touch and transform the world. 
The Bible teaches that when you accept Christ you are transfered from one kingdom to another; from darkness to God's Kingdom. In these message Pastor Chris teaches on what it means to live and be a part of the Kingdom of God. 
A lot of people want to see revival, including Pastor Chris and the Pentecostal Country Church. Pastor Chris teaches here on the importance of having a personal revival, since we can't experience corporately what we don't have individually. 
Pastor Chris will take you through each chapter of this amazing book of the Bible. 

Similar to the series on Romans, Pastor Chris takes you through each chapter of this letter the aposlte Paul wrote.

 A series of messages through the book of Acts, Pastor Chris teaches on characteristics of an authentic church that are gleaned from each chapter of Acts.

The Authentic Church (Book of Acts)