The Pentecostal 
           Country Church

Encouraging, Strengthening and 
Comforting one another in the 
love of Christ.

Faith Comes Through Hearing The Word Of God

It is incredibly important to learn about God.  It is even more important to know God personally.  We put our confidence in God's ability to help us declare His word clearly and in the proper context so that we can apply the truth of God to our hearts and  follow the leading of the Holy Spirit who helps every believer in Jesus to make right choices, and confirms the truth of God through inner witness and by various signs, miracles and gifts.  The word of God, together with the Holy Spirit will transform our lives so that we become more truthful and loving towards God and our neighbours.

Devoted to the Word Of Truth

There is great wisdom in the Bible for every manner of life.  It is filled with an abundance of Holy Spirit inspired direction on how to hear God today and know when it is Him guiding your choices. The Holy Spirit also uses it to both pierce the heart and grow our faith by putting into practice the righteousness that God reveals in it.  

Our church preaches the gospel.

Devoted To God In Prayer

We can all speak with our Heavenly Father.  He hears us all.  The Lord knows what we need even before we ask, but the Lord knows that there is joy to be found in the asking.  So we pray.  Even if you think you're not good at praying, or don't know what to say, talk to God anyways.  He always meets our needs according to His will and He can see past our muffled attempts and will hear and respond to our hearts. 

Our church prays for each other.

Devoted to God In Worship

We know that worshiping the Lord is more about living your life in devotion to God than singing songs; but that doesn't hinder us from singing praise and declaring His goodness through both good seasons and rough patches.  His love for us is always strong, the more we understand it, the more hope that is made alive in us.

Our church worships the Lord.

Sunday Service at 10:30 am

Worship - Prayer - Children's Church - Sermon

We extend a warm greetings to you and your family.  You are all invited to join us in seeking the Lord and encouraging one another.